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About Madeline (v. 0.935 & v. 0.936)

Madeline is a program for preparing, visualizing, and exploring human pedigree data used in genetic linkage studies. It is the predecessor of Madeline 2.0. In addition to converting pedigree and marker data into various formats required by linkage analysis software, including Crimap, Genehunter, Allegro, Mendel, Merlin, PedCheck, and Simwalk2, Madeline also provides functionality for querying pedigree data sets and drawing pedigrees.

Madeline is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is used by researchers worldwide.

Madeline 0.935 Documentation

Getting Madeline v. 0.935 & v. 0.936

Downloading Stable Releases

Madeline v. 0.936

This is the most recent development version:

Download Madeline 0.936 Beta

Madeline v. 0.935

This is the stable version. It features numerous improvements over v. 0.933.

Download Madeline 0.935 Stable Version

Old Version: Madeline v. 0.933

This is the old version. Version 0.936 or 0.935 is recommended in place of this version.

Download Madeline 0.933 Old Version


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