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Future Development Wish List

Madeline 2.0 PDE is still a very new program. Nevertheless, we have already begun to receive very good suggestions for improvement from researchers around the world. We are sincerely interested in implementing these features as soon as time and resources allow.

Remember that Madeline 2.0 PDE is a Free/Libre Open Source (FLOSS) program. So if you have strong C++ or ANSI C coding skills and are interested in helping to make Madeline 2.0 better, please consider donating your time and skills to help make some of these "wish list" items a reality. We are seriously considering allocating resources to implement the following ideas as time and and programming resources permit:

1. Provide an interface to "R". The idea here is to write "glue" code that would allow researchers to prepare data using the very popular statistics package "R" and then call a module from within "R" which would run Madeline 2.0 PDE to draw the pedigrees. This is an excellent idea and we are considering this seriously. Anyone who has previous experience interfacing C or C++ code with "R" is invited to contact us.

2. Provide a way to import haplotype data from Merlin and Simwalk2. The idea here is to write code that would parse the haplotype report output from Merlin and possibly also from Simwalk2 and convert it into a table format that Madeline 2.0 PDE could read directly. Conversion to one of the XML-based formats would probably be the right way to go. In addition to the report parsing code, we will also need to write some additional code for highlighting haplotypes using colors, background colors, and/or boxes. Madeline 2.0 already has the ability to print an unlimited number of labels below icons, including labels containing Unicode symbols, so there is a good foundation already present to build upon.